International Relief Friendship Foundation


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The International Relief Friendship Foundation (IRFF) needs volunteers to facilitate the recovery process! After receiving training, volunteers will go into the affected area to assist those who have incurred damages to their homes as a result of the disaster. This training is handled by Dr. Ron Patterson, director of CDR (Christian Disaster Response). The training is approximately a weekend – 2 days – for basic training. Volunteers discuss attitude needed in working in a disaster zone, understanding how best to work with people, personal safety needs, what to do and what not to do as a start. Volunteers will then be certified. Once the training is completed, we prefer that volunteers should be available for 2-3 weeks of disaster service to maintain their certification. This is most economical for CDR/IRFF and allows volunteers to make a strong contribution. Once CDR/IRFF have set up and are clearly established in the disaster zone and have been working there, there may be opportunities for more short-term volunteers. But training is still needed for any volunteer.

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