Volunteers Arrive In Florida

13 Volunteers have made their way to Glades County, Florida to support people heavily affected by Hurricane Irma. At this time we are in need for more donations to support our volunteers. A $50 donation will support 1 volunteer for 1 day. Every little bit helps! 

Upon arriving in Winter Haven, Florida, the volunteers received training from Dr. Ron Patterson of Christian Disaster Response.

“They have their work cut out for them, but with this training, they should really be able to help a lot of people,” said Dr. Patterson.

Eager to help those who have been heavily affected by Hurricane Irma, Monica, a volunteer said: “We’re all good for now and it brings us a lot of warmth and comfort knowing that everyone is really thinking of all of us!”

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Since receiving needs-assessment training, the volunteers have gone door-to-door and surveyed two areas in Glades County. They will focus on providing care to families that may have been overlooked during the recovery process. While most people have recovered safely since the devastating hurricane, the volunteers have found that several families are in need of basic supplies and emotional support. Throughout the week they will continue needs assessment visitations and continue to provide help where needed.

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