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Volunteering in Florida – Day 4

Contributed by Monica Schlaepfer

People are attracted to the power of giving. 

On the fourth day of volunteering in Florida, the IRFF team remained in La Belle, a low-income town that had been harshly affected by Hurricane Irma.  

The 13 volunteers split into three groups and went around the area to households that had requested for our help, even for the small things.

One household had a huge problem with a tree that the storm had uprooted and caused to fall to the ground, covering a majority of their lawn. The family hadn’t been able to totally address the problem because of a lack of tools and manpower. 5 of the 13 volunteers got to work with tools as well as their determination to address the problem.


The group that was working on the tree in the yard was able to have an interesting experience when a passerby who noticed the team hard at work stopped his car to join the volunteers. He happened to be very skilled with chainsaws so he offered to show the team techniques to improve their efficiency. His guidance was so helpful and invaluable to both the IRFF team and the family.

Two other teams went around to several other homes, mainly doing small things like yard work, cleaning up debris, and clearing away branches. Though the teams didn’t always have the necessary tools or professional skills to deal with more major problems, they did what they could using their determination and hearts full of love to give.

Visiting over six different households to offer a helping hand and a willing heart, the 13 volunteers were able to feel a sense of fulfillment from working hard and helping others.
The strenuous work gave them a chance to overcome their physical limitations with a mindset to serve and give to others.

It was a challenge to make the service work not just something physical but really an internal offering.

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